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Are you looking for software that fits into your processes and runs without problems? Would you like to work with a development team that understands your problem domain and is able to create innovative solutions and also successfully manage your projects?


Imilia goes beyond developing Software that meets your needs. We like to listen and learn and work with you to create the best solution. Our extensive experience in building hi-tech modern software ensures a robust, reliable and scalable solution.

We feel responsible for the solutions we deliver and we know that unforeseen things can happen. We are always ready and willing to help in difficult situations and to solve any unforseen problems as quickly as possible.

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Project „Timerbee 2.0“:

Our project „timerbee 2.0“ is part financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

In this R&D project Imilia develops technologically innovative and new solutions in the realm of the management of time and resources in the health sector.

Two of the key topics are operations room planning and bed management for clinics and hospitals. Imilia GmbH collaborates in this project with the Fraunhofer Research Institute for Industrial Mathematics ITWM in Kaiserslautern.